What are the benefits of doing bookmarking submission in SEO?

Social Bookmarking sites provide a flexible way for your readers to bookmark your articles and organize them. There are many social bookmarking sites available on the web that allow users to submit their favorite bookmarks on their directories. Social Bookmarking Submission helps you to drive traffic.
Here are some benefits of doing social bookmarking submission
You will get free website traffic
You can promote your products and links free of cost
Quality & Permanent backlinks to a website
Social Bookmarking sites help in increasing Google Page Rank and Domain Authority. Faster Indexing of blog posts
Helpful to access your favorite web pages online from anywhere
To doing social bookmarking, first, you need to collect some of your website data.For example-- title, description of your site, keyword, tag, your all social media link, video link if you have available, the image of your business.
All these kind of information you must have needed while doing social bookmarking. So here I am going to teach you how can you do properly social bookmarking to your website. Let's follow some tips which I am going to share below. Only you have to list your website information on Do follow website, which provides only do follow the link to your site. Give all the right information about your business or company website.
If you want to do social bookmarking in a free or you want to collect good backlinks for your website in a free then while listing website on do follow provider site that time select only Regular link not choose a reporcial link.
Don't try to submit daily your website information at same website daily.
After submitting all information about websites, you must have a need to keep patient to getting traffic, backlinks. 
Because in a free bookmarking, the website does not provide early they will provide or give approval to your site after 3 months.If you want to get high backlinks early then you need to do Paid service at that time after submitting your site within a few hours you will be able to get backlinks.

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