What is the major difference between web 2.0 and 3.0?

What is the strategy to build Web 2.0 backlinks?

Assuming you mean the “best” strategy for building Web 2.0 backlinks, the following works really well One of the biggest problems you’ll have when building backlinks are scalability. Lucky the links you are referring to are extremely scalable if you follow this process. Prospecting - this step involves finding websites that are semantically/topically related to your target area, have a good domain authority and will accept guest posts or article submissions. This can be achieved by googling “{topic} +write for us”. Create a database or a prospect list.
Outreach - find the contact details for the website, either via the contact page or the form and add it to your database. Then contact each one and ask if they would be interested in an article about your topic. Mention three titles they may be interested in. If they agree, it’s time to get writing.

Content Writing and Submission - Based on the target site, you’ll be able to review previous blogs/articles to determine the content that works well on that site. Right, a fantastic piece that their readers will enjoy PLUS include a link back to your website. Ensure to use your brand name/site name in the anchor text 95% of the time.Do web 2.0 backlinks work? Indeed they do, and if you scale this process your rankings are bound to increase.

What are WEB 2.0 & WEB 3.0?

Web 2.0 is a new-age web application, which encourages interactivity, information sharing, and collaboration on the Internet. It is quite opposite of a website, where users can take a passive view of the content. Web 2.0 is based on user interaction. All social networking sites, video sharing sites, blogs, forums, wikis etc. are examples of web 2.0 application.

Web 2.0 technologies have brighter and wider features. It can be implemented on any platform at the convenience of the business house. If you are present in social media like Twitter or Facebook, you can directly interact with your customers. If you are there in Linked In, you can build a strong professional network for your business. If you want to share a video of your latest product, you can post it on YouTube. For customer feedback, forums are great. If you want to create brand awareness, you can post blogs. The scope is huge, however; the success depends on how you use it.

Web 3.0

Web 3.0 will be based on the semantic web. This is a technology, where information and data are stored in such a way that the computer systems understand them. It may give birth to a next-gen artificial intelligence.It can lead to a virtual web. With the advent of web 3.0 and virtual games, it is clearly evident that it will discover a new web, based on a virtual world.

Web 3.0 may bring the concept of a personal desktop. It will give you the option to save your data and access it from anywhere in the world. You just need to login to your account from the same browser.
It is assumed that web 3.0 will allow users to drag and drop files from their desktop to the internet browser. A number of features such as 3D, seamless animation, high-definition graphics, audio, and video are expected to be imbibed in web 3.0.

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