Why is it important to do a directory submission in SEO?

Directory submissions aren’t dead. In fact, building links from high quality, localized and industry relevant directories might just be one of the most overlooked tactics in the modern SEO’s repertoire. When many people think of directories, they think of spammy link submission sites – the type of directories that will give any website a link, regardless of whether it hails from the lower cesspools of the web’s underworld. People also think of so-called “SEO companies” who offer mass automated submission to these sites, link building like it’s still 2018.
While the tactics mentioned above will probably get your site penalized in about 3.2 seconds in a post-Penguin search environment, that doesn’t mean you should lump every kind of directory submission into the spam category. Proper directory submission practices should be a part of every SEO campaign and offer considerable 
Benefits Link profile diversity
Trust and authority – good directories are human reviewed and scrutinize every submission Relevancy – many SEO’s believe that Google uses directories to help categorize sites Referral traffic A quick way of generating links to supplement time-consuming blogger outreach and content development activities
While there are probably more interesting ways to spend an afternoon than submitting to an endless series of “SEO-friendly” web directories, it’s important to take the time to do it right. Read the tips below to help you get the most out of your directory submission activity.
Excellent whether sites that rank well in your vertical are benefiting from directory links.
Any SEO who has spent a lot of time doing competitor analysis knows that what constitutes a winning link profile can vary from industry to industry. It is common to hear SEO’s offer arbitrary advice like “no more than 30% of your link profile should be made up of directory links”, but the truth is, I have seen some top ranking sites that have link profiles where 80% of the links come from directories (interestingly, this tends to happen in the more “boring” niches!)
Categorizing a link profile into link types is probably most accurately done manually, but Richard Baxter over at SEOgadget has created an automated spreadsheet that might prove useful here too.
Benefits of Directory submission
Increases backlinks of a website
Helps in the permanent listing in others website
Uses Anchor texts for hyperlinks to your website link popularity
Niche Directory Website list helps to get relevant backlinks
Guarantees ineffective search engine indexing
Hope now you understand important to do directory submission

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